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VisReg - Visitor Registration Platform

VisReg is an easy to use and efficient means of signing in and out visitors!


Multiple User
Sign In

Business Card


Customize to your
Company's Colors
and Logo

Free 3D Printable
Scan Shelf

Back End
Web App
(Admin Portal)

Quick Start Guide

  1. Acquire the Equipment

    • iPad Mount
    • Scan Shelf
      • Scan Shelf is used to hold Business Cards
      • Free STL files can be downloaded and 3D printed
      • Don't have a 3D printer? We recommend Hubs.
      • Assemble the 3D printed parts with super glue or the adhesive of your choice.

  2. Download the App
  3. Register with the Admin Portal
  4. Start your VisReg Experience!

Still need help?

Visit our FAQ or Contact us directly.